About Anum Plywood
Anum ply is bounding to become the primary choice of architects and designers for revitalising new age designs and lifestyles.We assure our top-notch products will redefine and bring out a positive transformation in the ideas of your living spaces.
Expertise we gained from our 10 year experience has made a major ripple in market from a durable, relaible and quality products.
Our Anum Ply is the most modern type of plywood that is manufactured using state-of-the-art machines, to impart uniform thickness and evenness, making it the best product for post lamination processes and crafting modular furniture. The top-notch calibration process also gives it a super-smooth surface, making it an industry favourite!
Calibrated Zero-Core Gap Anum ply is an industry favourite and possesses extra advantages over regular plywood that has prompted people to rapidly shift from normal plywood to calibrated plywood for perfection in modern products.


To Creating superior value through differential living experiences.
Anum Ply:

They are best suited to make modular furniture and modular kitchens.Anum ply is an excellent candidate for sofas and tables.A good option for use as wooden shutters.Suitable for wooden flooring. Uniform thickness and evenness.BWP Marine plywood uniform thickness to facilitate excellent post-lamination.
Manufacturing process:

We first employ a cold press on the wood veneers on our premium hydraulic press. The second step consists of a hot-press on the cold-pressed veneers.This step involves pressing the face veneers to the already pressed veneers using a cold press.We then follow up the above steps by a subsequent hot-press with face veneers.